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Welcome to Select Seedling Nurseries - Your Source For Saskatoonberry & Other Seedlings At Select Seedling Nursery, we have been growing hardy seedlings for the Canadian prairies and northern United States since 1984. We are a division of Lakeshore

Amelanchier - Plants For A Future English

There are many different species of juneberries, and they all produce more or less edible fruits - though some are certainly more desirable than others. Perhaps the most exciting is the saskatoon, Amelanchier alnifolia. This is one of the smaller....

Riverbend Plantation

Riverbend Plantation is a family owned and operated Saskatoon Berry orchard and gourmet food processor producing over 40 kinds of gourmet foods.

Growing Saskatoons - A Manual For Orchardists english

This site includes a compendium of information on Canadian native plant biology, culture & conservation (including the book Growing Saskatoons - A Manual For Orchardists), a small gallery of Photos (which will be added to as I find the time)....